Driver Requirements & Responsibilities

Do you rent to P Plate drivers or drivers under 21?

Unfortunately, we do not rent to P plate drivers as well as drivers under the age of 21 years.

Are there any extra charges if I am under 25 years old?

Yes, there are additional charges for drivers under the age of 25. It is $16.01/day (incl. GST).

What is the minimum and maximum age you can rent to?

We can rent to drivers between the age of 21 to 74.

What am I responsible for during my rental?

From the time you collect your vehicle, you and any nominated driver as per the rental agreement, are responsible for any loss of damage to the vehicle. This includes damage caused outside of your control including hailstorms, animal damage, overhead, undercarriage, interior, reversing and water damage. You and any nominated driver are also bound by our Terms & Conditions as agreed while signing your Rental Agreement & upon receiving the vehicle.


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What documents are required to rent a vehicle?

You will need to provide us with NSW Full Driver’s Licence and a Bank Card. For International Driver’s Licence holder, a valid proof of address i.e. Bank Statement, pay slip or a NSW Photo ID card is acceptable. We do not rent vehicles unless you carry a proof of address.

Fuel, Milage & Travel Plans

Can I rent if I have forgotten to bring my driver’s licence?

Unfortunately, you cannot rent or drive a vehicle without a licence at hand according to the law and our rental policy.

Can I add a new driver over the phone?

Unfortunately, we do not approve information of any additional drivers provided over the phone as it is a change to your Rental Agreement. We need to ensure that you agree on paper to any new changes associated to your rental.

Insurance, Cover, Protection

What happens if I receive a fine during my rental?

When we receive a fine or penalty notice, a statutory declaration is completed wherein you will be nominated as the driver of the vehicle. An administration fee of $55 will be charged for this service and the funds will be debited from your authorized credit card.

What is your procedure for at fault accidents and third-party accidents?

Any accidents or damage to our fleet must be reported to us within 24 hours. As soon as we receive the call, we look for ways to cover you for any unfortunate situation. If a reduced damage liability cover was purchased in your rental and you were at fault, you’re liable to pay the reduced damage liability charge and the rest is totally covered by us. If no RDL was purchased, the standard damage liability will be payable. Once the 24 hours’ time frame has passed and we’re not informed, the renter’s liability can result in being void or null.

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What is your procedure for damages?

In case of a damage solely to the rented vehicle, you will be required to come to our office and a representative will prepare a report of the new damages and charge the damage liability.

Optional Extras

Do you provide child seats?

Yes, we do provide with child seats over the counter. The prices can be inquired with the customer service representative at the time of rental.

Payment, Fees & Confirmation

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept debit card, credit card and AMEX (subject to 3%surcharge). No diner’s club or international cards are accepted online or at counter. Bank transfer is also not available.

Are there any discounts applicable for long-term renters?

Yes, there is discounted weekly rental price available for all the long-term renters. All our long-term rental prices include a Reduced Damage Liability Cover for the renter. It is a discounted price compared to daily changing rental prices. Contact our office 0294393902 to have the long term pricing.

Picking-up & Dropping-off

Am I supposed to return the car in full tank of fuel?

We provide you with vehicles at full tank of fuel and so when returning, it is required you fill it up to full. Otherwise, as determined on the condition report, we require you to bring it back to an identically level but no less. If not returned in full, we will charge you the refueling charges plus the fuel cost.

After Your Rental

Will anyone be able to help me understand the vehicle control?

While inspecting the vehicle, our customer service representative is at your disposal to explain you all the main controls you need to be aware about.

What happens if I lose, misplace or leave the car keys in the car?

You can contact our roadside assistance NRMA to help you if you have accidently left the keys inside the car. However, if you have lost the car keys, we will provide you with the spare keys. This can take up to 24 to 48 hours to bring it to you. There are additional charges for loss of keys which is not covered in your insurance.